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Rain, Wind and Divorce Rates...

So, it was 9:15pm and I was driving home from my photography class (my very first class! Had fun and learned lots!) and I turned the radio on and the Kim Iverson show was on and they were discussing the high rates of divorce. She was saying Christians were the highest and I think she said it was some Evangelical church with the highest rate... anyways... she was asking people to call and tell her their theories...why were Christians at the top of the list? One girl called and said it was pressure, that people marry too young just to do the right thing or what they're expected. And, that non-Christians felt no pressure, because they didn't believe marriage was the right thing to do, that they married because they found the one they loved and they were in the marriage because they chose to. Still with me? They agreed and then Kim asked her what religion she belonged to, and the girl said Mormon, and then Kim says, me too. I was like, this is weird. what's your theory?

Crazy weather! It rained a lot today, it is still raining and it is still windy.


Mark & Nataly said...

Great post, Rigel. The first thing that comes to mind...and I know there's more to it, but I think that marriage is a lot of work. And frankly, some people aren't willing to put in the effort. It's human nature to feel a natural resistance to hard work and/or to feel that things will just place themselves the way we want them to without investing our part. A marriage isn't kept alive just by "love" have to work at it. Whether that means keeping the courtship alive, compromise, sacrifice (temporal or otherwise), raising takes work and the love is the emotional ingredient that helps you get thru the work. Of course as a LDS I understand more fully the purpose of eternal marriage and family. And this knowledge further helps me to put a value on marriage and see it as something worth investing the work.
Sorry to go on so long...this is a great topic...
BTW, Rigel, you must be into photography as much as me! How fun! I'm addicted to it--Are you hoping to be in business someday?