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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

Images of June

June was an eventful month. Here are some of the moments I was able to capture.

Emma eating. She does a lot less eating lately.

She's into expressing herself. She now makes all kinds of faces followed by a "NO!"

Always smiling!

We went to the park to feed the ducks. We had a great time and Emma was so amazed to see these new creatures!

She also enjoyed the swing!

So, one morning we found her in the food closet playing. She loves green beans and sometimes she will pull out a can to take with her in the car.

Jacob and Jami's wedding at the Chicago Temple.

The happy parents. My wonderful in-laws!

Dad and Emma waiting for the newlyweds to come out.

The Jenkins.

Emma's favorite uncle Matt. Thanks so much Matt for helping us watch her and make sure she was safe and happy during the whole trip.

All five of us. I know, I'm looking pretty plump.

Dan and Ryan.

Emma hides now when she poops. She's very proper.

Emma had a big great fall. She scraped her lovely face. Oh, what a sad day! She was feeling much better after a few minutes, while I didn't stop crying about it almost all week!

Ryan turned 27!!

So, this was our month. I'm excited for the upcoming July fun. My mom is flying back in this Saturday, July 4th, and is bringing my twin nieces with her! Emma is going to be so very happy to have two sweet playmates!
The belly keeps growing and it's getting harder and harder to move and breathe sometimes, and calculate space! The boys are doing great. They weighed 1lb and 4oz each three weeks ago. Our next appointment is a week from today and I can't wait to see how big they've gotten! They are looking just beautiful and very well made! :)


John & Leslie said...

So cute! I love all the pictures, especially Emma enjoying the swing!! :o), and your are looking Great! You are so BEAUTIFUL!!And poor Emma and her scraped up face
so sad to see them get hurt. :0(...Anyway, love and miss you!!

Erin said...

June WAS a great month! We got to see you twice!! I was sad we didn't have a chance to chat at the reception though, and Brooke was too. We were just getting ready to come say hello when they decided to do their "program". They really enjoyed playing with Emma though. She is so darn cute. I wondered what had happened to her face. She's still beautiful though! Miss you guys!

Kim E said...

I love the picture that is second from the top. What a personality that girl must have!

The Blandon's said...

Great pictures Rigel!!! You look beautiful pregnant if you ask me. I was not that cute pregnant, so I envy those that are!
Looks like you had a great month and Happy Birthday Ryan!

Sook said...

You're one hot pregnant mama! :)