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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

New Pics

Just wanted to upload a few more pics of these good looking guys. They are eating well and went to see the doctor and got a good review today. It's interesting taking them all in the car, we have 3 car seats now, so even in the new van they get kinda crowded, I don't know how we would have done it without it. Mom is doing great, eating lots of food, thanks to the sisters in the relief society. We've enjoyed eating a collection of different foods, without any of the hassle of planning or shopping. Thanks Sisters!

Bienvenida la Raza, no hemos puesto hasta ahorita en Espanol, pero ahora si. Ya nacieron los gemelos, obvio, pero apenas estamos recuperando de la visita extendida en el hospital. Habiamos llegado el lunes por la tarde y no pudimos salir hasta el viernes en la tarde. Lo bueno del hospital es que llega la comida lista y preparada; lo malo es que todo sabe igual. Es horrible! Lo bueno de salir es que las hermanas aqui de barrio han hecho la lucha, y ha llegado comida a la casa todos los dias desde que llegamos, de hecho llego la comida antes que nosotros! Gracias hermanas por el esfuerzo que han hecho. Bueno....ya basta con la comida, los ninos fueron al doctor y recibieron buenas notas. Estan comiendo cada tres horas y la leche ha llegado, ojala que alcanzce Rigel alimentar a los dos. Estan preciosos y para que vean, voy a incluir unas fotos, espero que les guste y arriba La Raza. Ciao



Kristie said...

Couldn't understnad a word of the second half of your post, it was like it was in another language:-)
So glad everyone os doing well, after the dust settles a bit I'm making my way over to hold a twin or two!

Jared & Esther said...

They are so very cute! Congrats! We can't wait to meet our cousins!

Sook said...

What adorable baby boys!! Congratulations!

...awaiting baby #4... said...

So good to hear that you and your beautiful family are doing well!
Hopefully you are all getting your rest :)

P.S. Such beautiful babies! (and that includes the little darling Emma!)