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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

December 6

Not much to show for today. We didn't get to go to church since we've been sick around here and didn't want to pass on the bug. Emma is much better and it seems like the boys are safe but I better not jinx myself.
Aunt Sarah came over today with Avery and Caleb. Emma is still learning how to interact with other kids and share and being nice (not that good at either one yet!) Avery and Emma seemed to enjoy one another.
Grandpa came over later and took a turn at holding all three of the boys.

This is Benjamin enjoying some time in the bumboo chair. Alex doesn't fit quite as well as Ben, his legs get a little stuck but likes it too.


Mandy said...

Looks like you are having a great time. I hope all is going great, do you ever get to craft?