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Pondering. Thinking. Praying. I have got to figure it out.

I was faced with a rather simple {to some} challenge two days ago. It was about 2:00pm. I had been busy. It's been a very busy week taking care of kids. {the twins are crawling and need more things to get into do} I hadn't eaten much all morning. Only my not so fast slim-fast shake. I was mostly thirsty. Ryan had called saying he wanted to take us out for dinner {just what you DON'T NEED when you are trying to lose weight}. I had to get everybody ready by 4:30 pm {we like beating the 5:00 pm rush. waiting with three babies was never happiness}.
I knew I wasn't going to make it, I get shaky when I don't eat. I opened the refrigerator and there it was. A super deliciously cold Cherry Diet Pepsi. Oh, it was calling me!. Yes, I drink Diet Pepsi. I drink Diet Coke. Don't care so much for any other kinds of soda. Not even the regular versions of these.

So, there it was. Cold and shiny. I then looked over at the fruit bowl. There was an Almost Brown Banana. Not so cold, not so shiny. Not very good looking at all.

Cherry Vanilla Diet Pepsi or Almost Brown Banana?

I stopped. I thought. I pondered. I analysed. I asked myself, what is the better choice? {at first, they were both "will do" options}

The Cherry Vanilla Diet Pepsi was cold, refreshing. Sweet, inviting, ZERO calories {which is what you NEED when you are trying to lose weight}. It also meant, I would be starving by dinner time. I wouldn't have the energy to get all three kids ready {not that a banana would do either, energy wise} The unappealing Almost Brown Banana was that, unappealing. Higher in calories. Sweet but boringly warm but I would be more satisfied and it just might get me through the next couple of hours.

The Holy Ghost taught me.
This was the very first time I gave thought to my food choices. Sure, we all know what is nutritious and good for us. We know about pyramids and calories. About exercise, oh wait, I kind of don't remember much on that subject!

I thought about Agency. I thought about the word of wisdom. Surely I understand what those two things mean. I went on a mission! I'm a good person. I don't kill. I don't steal. I don't lie. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't drink coffee {even when I used to like it as a little girl. don't judge! we're converts!} Surely, I'm a good person. Then it came.

I have the right to MAKE choices. I also have the right to account for the consequences of those choices. Don't-s are easier than Do-s.

A realization. I have never learned to make good food choices. If I want it, I can have it. If it's there and it's convenient, I can have it. Binge now, diet later. I experienced a change of heart. I now choose better food. I now truly choose.

I chose the Almost Brown Banana. I felt empowered. It was MY choice. It was the BETTER choice. The Holy Ghost not only guided me to choose right but gave me power to follow through. It tasted good. I enjoyed the consequences of my choice. I truly did. When you choose right knowingly and of your own will, it's sweet and satisfying.


amyrose said...

Wow! Way to go Rigel! Thanks for sharing this story, and your thoughts along with it. And, don't underestimate the power of a banana to rejuvenate and energize... once when Devin had been gone on a trip I hadn't eaten anything but saltine crackers for like a day and a half, and I was done. I was wilted and limp and could barely move. It was tragic and pathetic. He said, "What have you eaten?" I thought about it, and realized it had been just saltine crackers and water - prison food, if you will. He said, "yeah, I know why you're tired." So I jumped up, ate a banana, and you wouldn't believe it, I was zooming around the house tidying, dancing, singing... wow. The power of a banana.

Kristie said...

Good job! Keep up the good work!

Kev and Chels said...

way to go! I feel so much better when i make good food choices for myself and my family but it really does take a lot of effort to do it!