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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

Winter Preparations

Here are some cute pictures we took with our new camera. I've been trying to learn how to use it (instead of only using the auto feature) but... it's more complicated than I thought. Hopefully I'll be able to register for Candice Stringham's class at the beginning of January.
We have been thinking and making a list of the things we need to do to prepare for winter, my stash of fabric increased considerably!(one thing covered!) :) I'm making a food storage inventory, we're fixing the gutters and sweeping our chimney! It's exciting but it feels like it will be a long and cold winter. Having been born and raised in Mexico I never had to prepare for winter, it's almost weird having to do that.

This is Emma eating some of that yummy oatmeal momma makes!

Here is a sweet smile.