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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

Almost better.

I'm feeling better. I might be back soon. We are celebrating Emma's first birthday on Saturday. I still haven't done anything. I've been looking at my camera and it might be time to pick it back up. I'm hungry all day but indigestion won't allow me to indulge. I need warmer days. Screens still make me nauseous.


Mark & Nataly said...

Feel better :)
I had the same sensations when I was pregnant... staring at the computer screen made me feel gross w/ nausea...not fun! But I am so excited for you to have those beautiful babies!

Kim E said...

Hey Rigel! I just came upon your blog from Mandy's and was so excited to see you write a blog too. You take wonderful pictures and I loved seeing Emma grow over the past few months. Congrats on the new babies and good luck.

The Blandon's said...

Hey girl, I was just thinking of you. I hope you are still feeling better. Love ya!