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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!


I have been wanting to record our Sunday odyssey routine. Truth is, it's too rushed to take pictures. We wouldn't make it to church if I did. I can record it in words though.

I get up at 7:30 am. Feed Ben and Alex. They play while I get their clothes ready. I get in the shower. I clean Ben's poopy diaper. Ben comes with me. I clean, scrub and rinse. I pass Ben to Ryan. Ryan takes him and dresses him. Ryan hands me Alex. I clean, scrub and rinse. I pass Alex to Ryan. He takes him and dresses him. I shower. Ryan watches the boys while I pretend to do my make up and hair. I'm always too tired to care. I try a little harder.
Emma wakes up. I quickly rinse her chubby little body. She loves her outfit. I finish a headband to go with it. Ryan gets in the shower. I finish dressing the boys. They want a bottle and a nap. They only get a bottle. Emma eats some yogurt. The kids are put in car seats. Ryan loads the car. I put together the diaper bag. I grab breakfast shakes for Ryan and myself and treats for Emma. We get in the car. 10:58 am. Opening hymn is being sung. We sit and breathe.

After Sacrament Meeting, Ryan takes the boys home. Ben is hungry. No formula in the bag for him. I teach Relief Society. I go find Emma in nursery. She's happy. She sings and dances "ashes ashes" and falls down.
She sees mom and is happy. I get a hug. I love her hugs. We go home with Grandma. Ryan takes great care of the boys. They sleep. We eat. I blog.

Emma watches a Barbie movie on my laptop.

Turkey loaf for dinner. Mashed potatoes. Peas and pearl onions. Freshly baked dinner rolls. Ryan saves the day again.

Alex tries a pea. He chokes and spits it out.

Emma says "mom! no mo'e pictures!" I stop. You would too.


amyrose said...

ha ha ha! That last picture is classic. I have been wanting to do a picture blog of our Saturday routine, so if you see one on my blog soon I'm not "exactly" copying you... :)

Church is so hard sometimes, with naptimes mealtimes all in the middle of it!

Hallie also loves to do ring around the rosie, at our house it's called "Rosies" and we do them over and over, and the only part Hallie really knows is "Ashes, ashes, ALL FALL DOWN!!"