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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!


Very busy lately. I was wondering if things will go back to normal this week. I miss my routine. I'm exhausted. Seriously tired. I couldn't even wake up this morning when my kids were screaming! And when I finally did, Ben was back asleep. Poor kid. 10:20 am and he's still sleeping. Emma is still sleeping. Alex was awake and ready to eat.
Thinking back on my week.
 Monday. We were trying to recover from our trip still. Ryan fell down the stairs in the garage while carrying the kids in their car seats. He was the only injured one. He hurt his left arm and leg. He's got a huge bruise and has been out of commission since.
Tuesday. I took the kids on a walk. We had a good time. Emma had fun picking up sticks.

We also met a cute group of kids. We played for a little while with them.

The rest of the day was spent wiping booties and feeding and taking care of my four kids. Totally exhausting.

Wednesday. I cannot remember what we did. There was some shopping and setting up my friend's quilt on the frame.

Thursday. From the moment we woke up, 9:00am, I was trying to get the kids ready to go to Ryan's birthday party at the office at noon. We made it and had a really good time. Thanks guys for all you do.
Singing happy birthday. Emma wasn't so happy.

On the verge of crying.

Couldn't take it anymore.

And after having some cake, she decided it was more fun to color.



Shh... Don't tell my mom. I think I like cake.

Later that afternoon when we came home. I put the kids down for naps and worked on that quilt. Remembered I had committed to taking pictures of my niece and nephew at 7:00pm. Quilted all afternoon. Almost finished by 7:00 pm. Ryan and Matt played and watched the kids while I went to meet my sister in law for pictures.
Came home at 9:00 pm. Put kids to bed. 10:30pm. finished the quilt. I was ready for bed.
Friday. My cleaning helper came over and we were all still asleep. I opened the door and went back to sleep. An hour later I had to get the kids ready to take to my mother in law's house so I could clean along with my helper. We cleaned. Ryan picked up the kids. We went grocery shopping. Aaron came along and helped us with the kids! 10:30 pm the kids were finally asleep.

Saturday. The family came over to celebrate Ryan's birthday. We watched the soccer game, in which the US lost against Ghana. Well, they watched the game while Gillian and I crafted. There was food and cake and diet coke.


Sunday. I couldn't get up. We didn't make it to church. I made it to Relief Society later since I was teaching the lesson. We did watch the Mexico-Argentina game. Sadly, we lost. The rest of the day was rough.

Oh wait! I just heard my little boy over the monitor say "mo-mma"!!!!
I got to go.


amyrose said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! (I know it was on Saturday, but just had to say it again.)

Claudia said...

Hi hermana!!! i just saw your blog and it is amazing! love your beautiful pictures too. I can't believe you are a mother of 3 and with twins. You go girl! Your kids are adorable and they are lucky to have you as their mommy :)
Claudia (hermana espi)
P.S. our family blog is private but i'll send you an invite!