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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!


Oh wow, I cannot believe my little girl is 4! I took her out 2 days ago hoping to get a couple of good 4th birthday shots and I had been waiting for a wonderful sunset photo shoot and it looked pretty good until we got to the spot, the clouds came out and even though I am happy with these, I just might have to take her out once more this week!

Oh what a beautiful girl she is! inside and out! i just love her! She makes me so happy! Emma has a tender heart. She's quite smart, knows her numbers and can do simple addition and subtraction. She knows the alphabet too. We need to work on writing the letters, but she recognizes them already. She is computer savvy, know her way around the IPad for sure and PBS kids. She is the best big sisters these two punks could have ever asked for. She is such a little mom to them. She just loves them and celebrates their little accomplishments. She is so good at complimenting people. This past Sunday, there was a kid at church visiting I assume because it was the first time I ever saw him. And at the end of church, she spotted him and quickly came and reached for my ear to tell me a secret. I was suddenly embarrassed because his mom was right there and I thought Emma was going to say something unkind. Instead she said, "mom, he's really fast!, He's so cool!" I think she was a little nervous and shy and couldn't say it out loud. I was more embarrassed afterwards and ashamed that I ever thought something bad of my sweet little girl. She is such an innocent girl! Only kindness comes out of her!
  She has her moments too, don't think I'm oblivious. Whenever Emma throws a tantrum though, it's mainly because I only said NO to whatever her request was and not explained the reason for the NO. Ryan trained her well. She listens and understands and when she doesn't, she goes to her room until she comes back happy. At age four Emma is into Team Umizoomi. The Dora fever has diminished a little. She loves butterflies, hence the dress! She was even wearing butterfly underwear! She does have the coolest mom, if I do say so myself! She still loves green pasta, which is a Spinach Ravioli dish we used to get at Bella Avanti's but recently closed. She was sad. She loves eggs and mom's tortillas. She loves ham. She loves her friends and cousins. She loves Primary, although I hear she's a little shy and won't participate much until she's in her Sunbeams class. She loves it when I talk to her about the days when she was a little baby. She loves me to hold her and carry her in my arms. A few nights ago, I tried to lift her and I said, why are you so heavy? She said, because I'm four now!
She is a really good sleeper. She goes to bed and wakes up after 8:30am, sometimes later. And sometimes she comes to my bed early in the morning and tries to wake me up, I just hand her the IPad. Oh, she loves wiping! She helps me clean around the house. She asks for a rag and wipes the counters and the mixer is her favorite. She just wipes and wipes. And before I forget, she loves riding the horse to The Backyardigans- riding the range episode. We play it over and over again. She also likes The Fresh Beats and dances the whole time! She loves dancing that girl! She's also pretty good at making jokes and playing "tricked ya!" She tricks me all the time and laughs like a crazy girl!
I wish I remembered more things right now but the more I do, the less sense my writing makes! So, here she is! My lovely four year old! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket