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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

Rough, Rough, Rough.

Today was a ROUGH day!. Have you noticed that when your children have a rough day, you do too? (I'm sure you have, it wasn't a real question, more of a statement?)
Children really do need routines. Emma actually loves her routine. You can't take her out of her schedule once because she freaks out and goes crazy!. She didn't have an afternoon nap yesterday and she wouldn't take one today! She cried when I put her down! She doesn't cry when I put her down!? Yes, I was a terrible mother and let her cry for about 10 minutes! She did finally fall asleep and slept for one an a half hours.
It snowed a LOT! We had about 12.5 in? It looked so pretty outside. I wanted to take Emma to play but it was just too cold.

This is Emma under mommy's new second-hand tripod having a great time while pushing it around the kitchen.


Erin said...

Hey Rigel and Ryan! I found you guys! Emma is so cute. Miss you guys!

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

You're not a bad mom for making her cry ten minutes--you're a great mom! Emma's at that age that our oldest was when she had to cry for 30 minutes sometimes. She was so busy practicing crawling and standing--her new skills--that it took her a while to settle down and sleep. Emma's darling--and happy. You do a great job!