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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!

What's going on with Emma?

Like I said, Emma turned one last month. This is a little picture of Grandpa feeding Emma her first slice of cake! They were both enjoying it very much, can you tell?

A few little facts about Emma:
At her 12 month check up Emma weighed 30lbs, 10 oz and her height was 33in. She wears size 2T mostly, some 24months stuff still fits though. Her shoe size is 6.
Emma insists on feeding herself now, she cries or spits her food out when I feed her. I'm trying to be patient and let her make her own mess most of the time, except for soupy stuff but it's no easy thing yet.
She's still napping twice a day. She loves water and drinks lots of it every day. She plays with Dutsikita and they both are always laughing out loud, it's cute.
She's a very smart and active little girl. She says "Que tal?". I'm trying to speak Spanish to her, but it's so hard! I really want it to be her first language.
She knows "something is going on" at home and seems very sensitive lately, so Momma has to help her up every time she falls (therefore the backaches!) and hug her all the time. I love her hugs and her scarce but sweet kisses though.
She adores Daddy, still. She smiles so big when he's in sight and loves playing with him, she even cries when he leaves but waves when I leave!.
She's such a wonderful blessing. She will love her little brothers/sisters I know.


Kev and Chels said...

I didn't realize Peter and Emma were so close in age! His bday is the 30th. Your daughter is so beautiful! Hope you guys are doing well. I'm glad you're feeling a little better! I wish that Kevin spoke Spanish- I think if he did I would try harder to teach the kids but it seems impossible without him doing it too. Maybe I'm wrong? Anyway, good luck with the twinners!

Sook said...

Oh my goodness, happy birthday Emma! That's wonderful that you're teaching her Spanish. I am trying my best to teach my Matthew Korean but we'll see what comes out of it. Wow, Matthew is almost 14 months old and barely weighs 20 lbs. I'm getting worried! Oh well. I am so glad that you're feeling better!