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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!


I have spent nights (sleepless nights), days, months really, hoping to make this announcement! And now that it's here I can hardly do it. I don't know how to express in words how excited, and nervous, and anxious, and blessed I'm feeling right now.
It has been two and a half years since we first got our DSLR. From day one I wanted to learn how to use it and take beautiful pictures of my daughter Emma. I can tell you it was not as simple as I thought it would be. And it has been quite a journey for me. Photography has kept me sane and filled my insatiable need of learning. It has helped me preserve the childhood memories of my sweet and crazy children! I was trained as an Engineer and never truly felt a connection with it as I do with Photography. I know I have found my true passion and I hope I will continue to grow and develop my skills.
And I just want to thank my dear Ryan for supporting all my crazy and expensive hobbies! For being excited whenever I got a good photo! For researching cameras and lenses and spoiling me! For being so wonderful to me and wanting me to be happy.
For now, let me introduce you to Modish Photography by Rigel Jackson and Lori Ann Horowitz.


Please feel free to check it out (click on the logo) and leave us some love! oh yeah, and book a session with us! ;)


Kristie said...

congrats- hope it works out for you guys, I like the web site. Maybe we could trade some of that work Bill did (that you didn't use:-) for a nice family shot?

Sarah said...

I love the Modish symbol. You take fantastic photos, I know you'll be successful! Glad you found your passion.

Love, Sarah

Jami said...

I'm so excited for you and Lori Ann :D I think you'll be great and supportive business partners!

Nataly Harris said...

How exciting!!! :) So happy for you! :) I can totally relate to your journey into the world of photography.
I will check out your work often--you are amazing!--Nataly