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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!


14/365 Monday came again way too quickly! Alex was loving his calzones! He wanted his picture on the dresser because Emma and Ben were jumping on his bed and he was just so not interested in hanging with them that morning! photo 0510web_zps395d2ea5.jpg  photo 0513WEB_zps4b7a0d79.jpg  photo 1_zps129f7eaa.jpg 15/365 Miss Emma watching TV. This is her concentration face and did not even mind I was taking her picture. Lately she's not into it but I make her. Everybody was sick. Ryan and the kids had an evil cold but not me. Last week was a lazy week. Mostly pajamas were worn.  photo 0533web_zpsbd54d9f9.jpg 16/365 I was bored with indoor lighting and stepped outside for literally five seconds! It was way too cold! Back to indoor lighting it is! photo 0523web_zpsd9dd7a50.jpg  photo 0532web_zps63b35ed1.jpg 17/365 Emma still loves her petshops! I think she loves TV. a bit more though!  photo 0551bwweb_zps4850ffe8.jpg  photo 0557web_zps2da8cf61.jpg  photo 0574bwweb_zpsad0ba007.jpg  photo 0583web_zps59a3bd31.jpg  photo 0589web_zps4d60bcf4.jpg  photo 0564bwweb_zps18f0e1e4.jpg  photo 0597web_zpsb8a13337.jpg  photo 0602web_zps77b55030.jpg 18/365 This silly boy! I love him so much! He keeps me on my toes that's for sure!  photo 0625web_zps023f6dcd.jpg  photo 0627web_zps4e7d664f.jpg Decided it was time for a haircut.  photo 0641web_zpsc6b1149d.jpg  photo 0650web_zps2edd4d89.jpg  photo 0657web_zps83ce2e8a.jpg Alex went first.  photo 0663web_zps36416885.jpg  photo 0665web_zps9d02ad11.jpg Ben was bribed with a "few" suckers! The girl let him grab one from the bucket, he reached and took about twelve. Not a shy boy!  photo 0671web_zps238bd991.jpg  photo 0675web_zps40c9c0bc.jpg  photo 3_zpse7c6720d.jpg 19/365 Practicing tracing the ABCs. Emma did so well! She is very interested in letters and passwords! yep, mainly passwords! Everybody had been feeling sick and so we decided to cheer us all up and go to the movies. We went to see Wreck it Ralph. We were a bit late and so Ryan sped a bit. We made it to the theater and the kids couldn't wait to see it! We ended up in the wrong cinema. Maybe next week.  photo 0705web_zps07e1bfe0.jpg  photo 2_zps8bcc5a13.jpg 20/365 We didn't make it to church. Everybody was still sick. I was sick. I had to teach the young women though so I got up and went for last hour. This is right before dinner. Emma spent the whole day in underwear.  photo 0743web_zps03690494.jpg Ryan made the best pork loin! Dinner was excellent! Ben only wanted Lucky Charms.  photo 0747web_zps86318122.jpg  photo 0751web_zps3eeb5e88.jpg  photo 0756web_zpsc89d7cfa.jpg