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To our family blog! We love having a spot to record the Grand and not so Grand events in our lives! Thanks for keeping track of us and for tagging along! And don't forget to check out my photography blog!


21/365 Trying to get over a nasty cold. The kids love Cuties.  photo 1_zps89bc54b4.jpg 22/365 I have been bribing the kids to let me take their pictures. Twenty plus days of having my camera on their faces is not easy. I figured desperate times call for desperate measures. And hopefully soon they will be so used to the daily picture I won't have to buy anymore dollar store surprises or chocolate.  photo 2_zps4183fe75.jpg  photo 3_zps81da8f59.jpg  photo 4_zps91652641.jpg Ben got a boo-boo and had been wearing a sock every day and night. I had just changed his band-aid and he was unsure if he liked the water proof one or the Dora one.  photo 5_zps0cd3953f.jpg  photo 6_zps870198bb.jpg  photo 7_zps840a35fa.jpg At the same time, Alex was on the couch doing some coloring. He really likes coloring and often walks around with a notepad and a crayon making all kinds of abstract masterpieces!  photo 8_zps69d01803.jpg  photo 10_zps857da30b.jpg Oh yeah, and you will also often find him eating bananas.  photo 9_zps142b9d9a.jpg Afternoon came and the bribes kept on rolling! They started making deals, they know they can get me to do pretty much anything in exchange for a few modeling minutes! Alex really enjoys modeling for me really, he could care less if he gets a chocolate, but why not!  photo 11_zpsf3857565.jpg  photo 12_zpsefa4e43d.jpg  photo 13_zps5f99ae37.jpg  photo 14_zps485d867a.jpg  photo 15_zps972e9215.jpg  photo 16_zps16ebabab.jpg Then evening came and Emma made her deal. TV time for two pictures! Now, this girl knows how to make deals. She will often promise me that she will help me do the dishes or clean the counters for some IPad time before bed. Dad taught her well. But now instead she will trade modeling time instead of chores. So, I moved her to the spot I wanted and I had to move the TV with her. Alex came and turned the TV screen away and made for some emotional shots! Thanks Alex!  photo 17_zpsf9fd587b.jpg  photo 18_zps68ae4c70.jpg 23/365 Emma woke up to a bit of a night accident and had to shower immediately! She has been doing so well and has not had any accidents at night! I can't believe she will five soon! I just love this little girl so much! She really is a fun girl.  photo 19_zpsdae3d5b5.jpg A little yawn to go with her smile!  photo 20_zpsdd794f29.jpg  photo 21_zps21d8fea7.jpg  photo 22_zps229f4cf2.jpg And when Ben saw Emma, he wanted his own little shoot! I tell you, this is really working! It may start with a bribe but my kids are competitive! I think I will end up with a ton of pictures this year! And who knows! Ben just might be a jean model! ;)  photo 23_zpsc1c56e91.jpg  photo 24_zps131513d7.jpg  photo 25_zps638e9566.jpg  photo 26_zps7d941f6f.jpg  photo 27_zpse099ef3c.jpg 24/365 Ryan and I headed to Indy to my immigration appointment and all I will say is that I was very impressed with their speedy service. The kids spent the day at Grandma's. I am so thankful to have Grandma Jackson always ready to help up and watch the kids. The kids love you Grandma and love spending time playing with you! So, we got home at about eight PM and as usual, they ran after the IPads. Yes, my kids are obsessed with IPads.  photo 28_zpsb2dd048d.jpg 25/365 Friday came and I was feeling a bit too pregnant. I gave my models a break, well kind of, and we were just plain lazy! I love lazy days, just not too many of them consecutively! Ben got shot that morning.  photo 29_zpsf5744368.jpg  photo 30_zpsf5e3b608.jpg  photo 31_zps764e71bb.jpg Well, Emma just "couldn't" sleep that night without her mommy. She came to my bed with a deal. How could I reject such deal.  photo 32_zpsfdb0aa7e.jpg  photo 33_zps0d0792d1.jpg 26/365 Saturday morning. Woke up to a living room full of pots and pans. Lots of soup and cake making going on.  photo 34_zps89080dbc.jpg  photo 35_zps1fd3d2eb.jpg A little breakfast for Emma. Lucky Charms in bowl, Milk in cup, IPad on the side make for a great breakfast experience. Mom's camera and sun on her face, not so much!  photo 36_zpsbe1cd791.jpg Ryan had the wonderful idea to go to the Y swimming pool. I got sick on the way there and he did a marvelous job of handling all three of them in the water! Such a good Dad I tell you!  photo 0994_zps984803b4.jpg  photo 1004web_zps1d3e524b.jpg  photo 0998web_zps2146e630.jpg  photo 1006web_zpsc7218bef.jpg  photo 1001web_zpsc95ba2f0.jpg 27/365 Sunday was a great day. We almost made it to church on time! Ben took a nap during primary. We came home and had the whole day to ourselves! I had a pregnant episode and went to take a nap. Ryan made a wonderful meal and the in-laws came and brought yummy desserts! We really had a good time eating and playing cards! We were almost good hosts and let my mother and father in law win. Ryan is just too good at these games. Maybe next time!? We definitely need to do more Sunday dinners like this one! Good food, good company! So, the camera came out right after bedtime! Sleepy shots are good too! This is Alex with his Prayer Sheep, Sister Hiatt gave him at church. Isn't he so cute!? IPad light doesn't bother you much when you are an exhausted three year old!  photo 39_zpsc42ed049.jpg After taking Alex's picture I noticed Emma was almost out! So, I snapped one from outside the door.  photo 38_zps68f2b977.jpg Then she caught me!  photo 37_zpsfa96d95f.jpg I forgot to add these pictures to last week's batch! We spent some time coloring.  photo 40_zps15b262a4.jpg And the boys played with the bag of replacement phones Ryan brought me. Yes, my phone is still missing. Three weeks yesterday, that's a record!  photo 41_zps503f18ed.jpg  photo 42_zps5a58470b.jpg  photo 43_zps63917838.jpg  photo 44_zpse2044b4a.jpg And there you have it! Almost one month into my 2013 goal of photographing my kids everyday!